CCOPS holds first-ever recognition banquet

By A’Ryene Dalton

IMG_4034On April 13th CCOPS  held a recognition banquet focusing on all their accomplishments during the year. This was the first ever banquet Mrs. Scott has held for CCOPS, so she was pretty proud of it. “I am super excited to see everybody here at our first ever banquet for CCOPS,” said Jennifer Scott.

CCOPS is made up of both Clarke and Murray juniors and seniors who go out and do volunteer work around our community.

The dinner that was served by Hy-Vee catering. They then they presented what they have done through the 2015-2016 school year. “We have done cooking classes for the elementary, handed out snacks to the little kids soccer team, and had two themed races,” said LeeAnn Helgevold. Senior Nick Johnston was also recognized as the graduating senior of their organization..

If you would like to join CCOPS in your future you can contact Jennifer Scott at or 641-342-6505 ext. 534.

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