Clarke girls tennis takes on Knoxville

By A’Ryene Dalton

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On April 14th the Clarke Girls Tennis took on Knoxville at their home courts.

Deseree Stubbe was the only individual that came up on top for her singles match, defeating her opponent with an ending score of 10-5.

Sydnee Redman came very close to her opponent Sami Thompson. They ended their match on a score of 8-10.

Sydney Sickels and Meredyth Olsen ended with the same score, along with Sydney Garrett and Megan Linskens that ended with a 2-10. “I could have done a little better but maybe next time,” says Sydney Garrett.

In the doubles there was only one win for Clarke and that was with Deseree Stubbe and Megan Linskens with a win 10-5 in the matches.

Lindsey Mumaw and Samantha Beldon represented Clarke’s JV team doing back to back doubles with Knoxville. They came out to a 2-6 loss.

Overall wins and loses was Clarke 2 and Knoxville 7.

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