Life after The Highest Tree

by Brittany Beckett

After the final day of the play “The Highest Tree”, the cast and crew stayed after to clean up everything and have some fun. Some were assigned areas to clean up such as the costume room, makeup room, lower hall, etc. The rest who weren’t specifically assigned something went to the stage to help tear down the set while jamming to music played from the sound booth. They had to take out all the screws to get the walls down and take apart the staircase. Props had to be put away along with all other costumes and left over things.

After all the set was down, pizza and snacks were all set up as a reward for all the hard work. Everybody sat in a big circle and ate while listening to music and sharing memories about old shows and how the night’s show went. Once everyone was done eating, they all played a game of sardines around the workshop and stage. Sardines is a game played in groups of two to find another group in the dark, like hide and seek. If people didn’t want to play, they would play card games. This went on until 2:00 a.m. when the cast and crew decided they wanted to lay on the stage and watch “High School Musical”. Strike is always fun and very rewarding after the long two days of being in the play.

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