Clarke High School teachers retire with fond memories

by A’Ryene Dalton

Mr. Michael Reagan

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This is Mr. Reagan’s last year teaching at Clarke High School. We, as Clarke students and teachers, have been honored to have Reagan as a teacher, coworker, and friend.

Mr. Reagan has been teaching for 34 years. He has taught at Southeast Polk, Southern Cal, Ames, Corning, and Clarke. He chose to retire this year because his IPERS (retirement money) is at it’s highest point and because he is too busy on the business side to keep both of his jobs. He would like to continue to grow his business in realty after retiring from teaching.

“People say kids have changed over the years, but they haven’t. Kids will be kids,” said Reagan. Students are the best part of teaching for Mr. Reagan. Mr. Reagan will miss all the relationships he can create while teaching. Most of his good friends today were former students.

“The one thing I will miss the most about Reagan is being able to go to his room almost every morning and sit and talk to him. He was always there to listen when he wasn’t be a goofball,” said sophomore, Kacie Shieler.

Mrs. Deloris Smith

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Mrs. Smith has been teaching for about 22 years all over southern Iowa. She first taught ten years as a band teacher before she started teaching special education. She started teaching special ed because it was a job opening she was interested in when she thought she would have to be moving to Oregon. She had to get her Master’s degree in special education before she started teaching again.

Mrs. Smith plans to do a lot of things after she retires this year. She wants to do some traveling with her husband, work in her garden while she is home, and spend more time with her grandchildren. She would also like to give piano lessons and publish some of her music she has written.

She has decided to retire this year because she wants to spend more time with her husband since he retired a year and a half ago. She will miss all of her friends that she made at Clarke with both staff and students and she will miss all the laughing she shared with the people she works with. “I love teaching at a school I graduated from and where my grandchildren now go to school,” says Mrs. Smith.

“[My favorite thing about Mrs. Smith is] she’s funny,” says Brad.

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