Foods class is big business

by Ariella May

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Mrs. Teghtmeyer’s Advanced Foods class every year creates a take and bake business, which includes the students getting the word out by creating and hanging flyers, making a website, and then also baking the food for the business. They call themselves the Gourmet Chiefs.

If you take Foods I and Foods II, you can take is Advanced Foods. Advanced Foods is not only about the take and bake business. Throughout the semester the students do many other things, such as bake a cake from scratch to decorate it however they please. They also learn many other cutting techniques that help them throughout the business. The money the Gourmet Chiefs make goes to buying new culinary equipment for the Foods programs. The order form for the food is online. There are also flyers up around town.

The students are very happy to be able to participate in a class like this. Kacie Shieler said, “I enjoy being in the class and cooking everyday. I’m glad I decided to take this class and be apart of the Gourmet Chiefs.”  

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