Practice makes perfect for Clarke golf team

by Breana Lowry

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Clarke’s golf team includes girls and boys who make up the jv and varsity teams. Practice is from 3:45-5:30 at the Osceola Country club. Members have drills, games, and also walk and play holes.

Drills are 30 yards chipping, 50 yards chipping, and 100 yards to the green. They each have a bag of balls consisting of 25 balls to perform these 3 drills. Sometimes the student golfers will participate in putting drills and then are free to go play holes.

Students aren’t aloud to use golf carts, so they have to walk. Practice games include knockout or 8’s, which you have 4 holes and have to 2 putt or less.

During a recent practice, Conner Deutch and Marshall Morrison were playing holes along with Brock Hamer and Carter Smith. Taven Floyd was driving into the net to get better and correct his drive. Everyone played the game knockout to work on putting.

They work as a team and the coaches help and participate in these games, too. Practice makes perfect or, in golf, somewhat perfect.

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