FCCLA sponsors powderpuff football game to raise funds

by Anna Sereg

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On Friday May 13th, the Clarke FCCLA hosted a powderpuff football game to raise money to help the FCCLA members go to National Leadership Conference in San Diego, California in the month of July. The admission was 2 dollars a person. FCCLA had raised a total of 308 dollars to go towards their National Leadership Conference.

The participants who played flag football were mostly girls because high school football members were not allowed to play. The high school football members were allowed to coach the team or be a cheerleader for their team.Every class was assigned a color; freshmen were purple, sophomores were green, juniors were blue, and seniors were pink.  Each grade was an individual team, but due to not enough players for the junior and senior team, the underclassmen adopted either the juniors or seniors. The seniors joined together with the sophomores while the juniors joined together with the freshmen.

There were four quarters and each quarter lasted about eight minutes. For half time the freshmen girls did routine cheers to support the powderpuff. The game was won by the seniors and sophomores with a score of 2 to 1.



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