Is being involved worth the money?

by Celeste Lopez As we all know sports and being involved in high school activities have been an integral part of many high school students, but is the money spent on these sports worth the experience? Senior Carlos Tamayo said, “There are many benefits to being involved in athletics in high school. The personal traits … Continue reading Is being involved worth the money?


Class Clown: Who’s the Funniest?

If you’ve ever wondered who the class clown for each grade is, just ask the following Clarke High School students: Shalyn Brandt, freshman, Dani Brown, sophomore, Courtney Clark, Rylie Burke, Veronica Camacho, and Nick Johnston, juniors, and Audrey Sebring, senior. “Remington Cook is the funniest because he is loud, outgoing, and likes to make people … Continue reading Class Clown: Who’s the Funniest?